I pretend to have a Cup of coffee.

I pretend to have a Cup of coffee.

Friends, I want to hold a raffle for 1 Cup of coffee for the most active subscribers.

The conditions are very simple. Be subscribed to my channel, put likes and comment with meaning on my articles. Who's bigger if he likes everyone and writes comments on my articles, he will receive money from me for a Cup of coffee, in the amount of 150 rubles.

I will summarize the results of the draw and publish them on November 10. I'll transfer the money to my Bank card.

In the future, I plan to make the drawing of coffee cups regular.

A Cup of coffee is a charge of energy and cheerfulness, it is delicious, flavorful and atmospheric.... gives a feeling of comfort, warmth and high. Participate and enjoy.

Friends, I really need your likes and subscriptions. Please help me develop my blog.

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