How to get rid of the thinking of the poor

How to get rid of the thinking of the poor

and become a dollar millionaire

Earning a lot does not mean being rich. Wealth lies elsewhere and begins with a way of thinking. Without changing it, a person will remain poor even with an income of $ a million a month.

Sasha Afanasiev held a webinar on this topic. He shared his opinion on the key indicator of wealth, how to increase it and what prevents it. We are posting a webinar with timestamps, so that you can immediately go to the part of the webinar that you are interested in.

01: 10-In what the main problem of personal Finance
08: 00-Reasons why most people's finances are a mess
14: 25 — Why it is wrong to judge wealth by income
19: 50 — what does it mean to be rich?
22: 00 — how the rich think
24: 10-what is equity, what does it consist of, and why exactly is it a key indicator
31: 45-How grow your own capital
38:28-Analyzing the personal financial plan template
47: 10-Fears and objections that prevent us from moving away from the thinking of the poor
50: 20-the Reason to be rich
53: 35-step-by-Step plan to become a dollar millionaire
56: 30-Useful books
57: 40-questions from the audience

Create a personal financial plan plan and keep your equity under control. Use the template »

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