Which stocks on the stock exchange to buy for beginners and not only beginners will be interesting.

Which stocks on the stock exchange to buy for beginners and not only beginners will be interesting.

Usually, those who start following the recommendations of specialists who evaluate stocks on various indicators and publish it somewhere-"in my opinion, these are the most important indicators of the company. the shares are promising." Everything is good, especially if the specialist gave the correct assessment and his forecast came true. But the question is did you achieve your goal by buying these shares? Because the investment goals may differ and the opportunities of investors in the long term are different. Some people want to have a passive income, while others save up for something. Therefore, it is not superfluous to evaluate yourself as an investor by answering 2 questions.

1. Whether you can invest for the long term. Whether you have a permanent stable source of income. The bottom line is to evaluate on a 10-point scale the probability that you will need money urgently and decide to sell your shares. Where 1 is small, probably 10 is very probably.

2. You are investing for passive income or for obtaining large amounts of money as soon as possible?

Now let's see what's best for you.

If you want passive income, then it is better for you to buy shares that pay the greatest dividends, not the greatest growth. Although sometimes it coincides.

If the first question your answer was from 6-10, it is highly likely that you will sell shares if you urgently need money, then you also better dividend portfolio, because the dividends do not need to sell the shares, and use only dividends. Conversely, if you don't need the money, you can use the dividend to buy shares.

"Investment takes time to show itself in all its glory." Warren Buffett is a billionaire investor.

If you want to accumulate a large amount of money and your answer to the first question from 1 to 5, then the stocks with the highest growth rate will be the best for you, even if there are no dividend payments at all.

This is for beginners. There are also investors golddiggers like Warren Buffett, they need a more complex system and this is a topic for a separate article. Below is a link to an article discussing this issue.

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